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Trade Finance

A company's profits can often be positively effected by reducing their costs of funds. Many banks provide their clients with a significant price advantage when the client draws on his loan facility in guarantees or payment undertakings, as opposed to Cash.

LLC Business Active

We can accept the payment guarantees and provide financing against them.
Our charges for financing against the incoming payment undertaking together with the importers costs for opening the guarantee are often lower then their cost of funds for drawing cash from their bank.

A couple of points that are important to note

Most importers cannot increase their facility size by taking payment guarantees instead of cash. What they can do is lower the costs associated with taking cash as opposed to payment undertakings.
The payment undertaking must be linked to a specific trade deal. It can be related to goods that the client already paid for and that he now wants to refinance, but it must be related to a specific consignment or shipment.
Funds are usually sent to the bank that issued the payment undertaking for the account of the importer against their banks payment undertaking. The importer and his bank then handle dispersing the funds.
Our discount rate on the payment undertaking is decided by the country where the bank is located, our credit assessment of the bank, and the lines we have available for each bank. In order to provide you with a quote, we need the name and SWIFT code (BIC) of the bank that will issue the payment undertaking, as well as the size of the undertaking


Contact LLC BUSINESS ACTIVE directly to inquire about SWIFT messaging services.
We custum builds the SWIFT Message. The client confirms and signs the final version.
Client compiles several requested documents relating to its company.
BUSINESS ACTIVE will issue a SWIFT message. We monitors the message carefully to insure that it reaches its final destination.
Example- an importer has a facility with his bank for 300,000 USD.
The importer is currently buying from his overseas suppliers with whom he has a good relationship. The overseas supplier is shipping goods without any payment upfront, and when the goods arrive at the port the importer pays the supplier cash against documents and takes possession of the goods.

The importer is using his Post Import Finance Facility from his bank. As the importer is a strong client his PIF Facility is based in dollars, and so he pays Libor + 9 p/a to the bank for cash.
The same bank is willing to issue payment undertakings for payment 180 days later, instead of cash. The payment undertakings will come out of the same facility as the cash, but the cost is significantly lower. 1% p/a. Unfortunately the foreign supplier is unable, or unwilling to deal with payment undertakings, and requires Cash.
In order to help the importer, we will accept payment undertakings linked to a specific trade deal, and provide finance against them at a discount rate. Usually our discount rate, combined with the rates that the importer pays to his bank for the issuance of the guarantee is still much smaller then rates for drawing on the facility in USD.