LC payment terms

How does it works for LC (DLC)? What should I do?
To have LC opened, first we ask Client to fill in Application form to get Free LC Draft for your deal from the most appropriate bank. In that moment opening fee is also known.
Then Client send it to his Seller to confirm. Usually Seller give some feed back and comments on the draft, the bank change it and finally before the SWIFT is issued to the Seller's Bank we send to Client the Invoice to pay the fee for Issuance.
We can not tell the fee without Application Form filled.
What if our company looking for investments, funds, money for an project?
There are 2 types of financial instruments that we offer to our clients. Or 2 types of clients that we works with.
1) Instruments for Import/Export deals. These instruments usually help Buyer to get a better payment terms from Seller, or might be just requested by Seller to start goods production due to Sales agreement. Most often LC used for import/export deals, SBLC or Bank Guarantees are also requested.
2) Instruments for Investment projects, for funding, lending of BG and projects that needs funds to grow up. Usually it is Bank Guarantee needed for monetizing, MT799 goes before Guarantee is issued, or so- called RWA letter. The procedure for these type of instruments is different from basic LC for import/export deal. So, these instruments could help to client's company to get financing from an investor, local bank against Bank Guarantee issued from one of our banks. This is how it works usually.
Does LC, SBLC, Bank Guarantee have the same procedure of opening?
Instruments for Import/Export deals and Instruments for Investment projects, for funding, lending of BG and projects have different procedures. Please, find both of them below.
What is LC issuing procedure for import/export deal?
We need the following documents/ information for finalizing the LC draft. Please, not that MT799/BG has different procedure.

1. Filled application form
2. Proforma Invoice for DLC
3. Trade license of your company
4. Share Holders List
5. Passport copy of main applicant
Step-wise After acquiring all the above documents / information, we will select the issuing bank / financial institution and finalize the draft for your review. Upon receiving the draft copy of the instrument, you must thoroughly review the draft for any corrections, additions or removal of information.
Should there be any amendments, we can amend the draft accordingly to match your preferences. Once the draft is approved, you will need to send us a copy of the draft with sign and stamp on it as your approval.

We will raise the invoice for the agreed charges (charges include margin money, interest, processing fee and professional charges) and you will make the remittance against the invoice.
Only after we receive the payment for the raised invoice, the Issuing Bank / Financial Institution will issue and relay the instrument through swift within 48-96 hours after remittance. Simultaneously we will send you the issued copy through email for your reference and record.

What if I have already opened an Letters of Credit with my bank before; what is the difference?Working with us as opposed to your bank is significantly better for two (2) reasons:

1.Business- Active utilizes its own lines when opening LCs on its client's behalf. Clients can keep their existing credit lines to use at their discretion.

2. Business- Active maintains relationships with many banks and financiers. ITF's clients can take advantage of this network and optimize their deals; they are not stuck with one bank who might not always provide viable solution to the client's needs.
k and optimize their deals.
What's the fee? How much I pay? What is % for LC opening?
Bank (=our ) fee depends on three points:

a) LC amount. This is the most important option. Minimum amount of any instrument starts from 100 000 usd.
b) Issuing bank. The bank and price are different for each deal. So, that is why we ask client to fill out the application form first. For investment projects send us quotation request to
c) LC expiry date needed. Client may need 90, 180, 365 days LC. The price is different.

When the fee is paid for LC opening? Whether client need advance fee or pay after receiving bank get LC SWIFT?
Actually, it depends on bank issuing and deal details. We work with top rated banks, middle ones and financial institutes that specialize in trade finance.
For top rated banks banks we have our company money deposited and lined opened in the banks, into our companies accounts. This is the reason why our clients are not requested an collateral for LC opening. The fee is paid After the Seller confirmed the LC draft by signing it, before SWIFT is issued by our bank to his bank. Because it is IRREVOCABLE LC - it is very important for the Seller. It means that LC SWIFT issued by our bank can not be removed or cancelled. Its 100% guarantee for the Seller that he will get workable LC. It works always like that. You do not pay LC amount to our bank when LC is issued- but your Seller get covered LC, its covered by our money.
For middle banks it is the same.
Some financial institutes could issue first non-operative SWIFT to Beneficiary's bank for a small fee to be sure that SWIFT will come and after it is came, the fee balance is paid.

Where are you from? Are you based in Moscow?
Business-Active has offices in the USA, Cyprus, Israel and Russia. You are right now on the website of the office based in Moscow.
The company operates since 2010 in the area. We have LC issued to China, most of EU countries, the USA, South America and will be happy to help your business.
I have search in Google for Business-Active LLC and found WWW.LCTERMS.COM. What is WWW.BA-FINANCE.COM about? what is the difference? Is that different company?
These both web-sites is Business-Active LLC property. is well-known resource that we just renewed to using the modern convenient soft.
Which banks do you work with? Send me the list of banks
The bank depends on deal. What is the amount, LC type and terms needed etc.
First we need to see your Application Form for your deal filled in.
We works with Winter Bank, HSBC HK, BNP Pariba, Standard Commerce, Europa Bank, Axios Bank, Leumi Bank and many others.
What is our experience about, when Buyer send list of banks to Seller, the most expensive bank is chosen then. Is that what you are looking for? We guess, no. The best appropriate bank for the best price is effective solution.

What time it takes to get financing?
It depends on the type of facility a client needs, and the response time of the client. Many transactions close within 3 days, although in some cases we can put a facility together in as little as 24 hours

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