Needed finance for Chinese Supplier?
Use our Sinosure services&financing from trade company to factory

Improve your cash flow and get your payment to your supplier in China deferred from 90 to 120 days, with the China Import Export Credit Agency (SINOSURE) insurance

If your supplier is not able to offer your company 90 days O/A with Sinosure insurance, we can offer you our comprehensive financial services.

•Get a Sinosure credit limit for your company
• Increase your company's existing Sinosure credit limit
• Get a Sinosure credit limit for a group of companies

What else?
•Transfer your existing credit limit between companies within the group
• Transfer booked credit limit from one supplier to another
• Negotiate trading terms with your suppliers with Sinosure insurance (in Chinese)
• Help your supplier to take out a Sinosure insurance policy and explain to him how it works
Why we are the best in this area?
This means that we are able to compile a credit report to check our client company's financial situation, and introduce their company to Sinosure in the best way.

These credit reports are accepted by Sinosure and help the Sinosure underwriting department to make a positive credit decision and to approve the required credit limit. We have a deep understanding of the Sinosure working mechanisms, and this helps us to get credit limits approved by Sinosure for our customers.

How to get the best terms from Supplier in China
We have more than 10 years of experience in doing business with China and Chinese suppliers, and in trade finance.

This unique set of characteristics helps us to conduct negotiations with suppliers in Chinese, structure deals and pass the Sinosure credit background check procedure successfully, ensuring that the credit limit is approved for our customers.

Steps to getting your credit limit approved, and 90 days deferred payment terms with your supplier

Preliminary check
Send us your company's financial statements for the previous 2 full years, and for the past months of the current year. Our specialist will do all the calculations for you, regarding the credit limit allowed for your company.

Cost: free
1-2 days

Negotiations with suppliers
We will need to conduct short negotiations with your supplier, in order to clarify the details and obtain confirmation of consent to work under Sinosure insurance.

Cost: free
2-3 days

Credit report execution
Our team of specialists carries out an in-depth credit report, so that your company gets through the Sinosure credit investigation procedure successfully. When the credit report is complete, we initiate the credit check procedure.

Cost: 350 to 950 USD prepayment

5-10 days

Credit limit approval
We help you and your supplier to pass the credit successfully. We communicate with Sinosure every day, answering additional questions and sending any additional documents required for the credit check.

Cost: 1-3% success fee, depending on the required credit limit amount
21 day

How does Sinosure limit police look like?