Bank Guarantee

  • Bank guarantees for Import/ Export deals or investment projects.
  • Bank Guarantee provides 100 % reliability to Investor or Seller
  • Clients get money from Investor against Bank Guarantee issued.

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Guarantee is a promise of payment from the Guarantor to the Beneficiary that the Guarantor will pay the beneficiary when the beneficiary submits certain documents or makes a specific demand to the Guarantor in a certain manner time or place
Types of guarantees
1. Payment obligation: provision of obligations of the importer to the exporter on payment of a certain sum established by the contract.

2. Implementation of the agreement: provision of proper performance of the contractual obligations by both parties.
Types of guarantees
3. The return of the advance payment: provision of the exporter's obligation to return the advance payment from the buyer, that was sent to him under the contract.

4. Guarantee of the tender: provision of the tender's obligations performance. Such guarantees are usually a part of the tender contract.
Price&How long it takes
5. Reverse import guarantee:provides obligation of the contracting party on the duty-free import and export of materials / equipment to a certain state in the defined terms.

6. Investment guarantee:provides the investor's obligations under the existing investment contract / plan. Guarantees in Russia shall be tailored for those wishing to participate in the competitive auction.

Bank guarantees are provided for 2- 12 months and their confirmation is done only via SWIFT

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